How to book a suite

1 - Fill the Reservation Request from below making sure no field is left blank;
2 - A copy of the form will be forwarded to your email.
3 - Print a copy of the form.
4 - Make a deposit on the checking account informed on the email you received.
5 - The period to be booked will be the same as the normal periods or overnight stay.
6 - The reservation will only become effective upon deposit to the checking account 48hour/2working days ahead of the booked suite utilization.


I - Filling the Reservation Request form does not guarantee the reservation. Reservations are guaranteed only after full payment is received.
II - Plan your stay ahead in order to make sure that any special requests are fulfilled. Special requests accepted with a minimum prior notice of 48 hours or 2 working days.
III - Reservations for fridays, saturdays, sundays and holidays will incur on the charge of one additional period for the chosen suite. No discounts apply to reservations.